WOD August 27, 2018

WOD @ Bear Up

20 min AMRAP:

  • 15 pull ups
  • 10 pistol squats (alt.)
  • 5 sandbag ground to shoulder

My workout:
Wow, first time ever that I did pistol squats Rx during a workout! I’ve been able to do them since recently. For some reason I could suddenly do them.. without really focussing on practising the skill.. the last couple of times when trying them they just happend somehow. But I never tried them in a workout before. And was happy to say, that although they did look a bit messy, I managed to keep them doing them, even under fatique.

This workout was so hard on the heart rate! I did the sandbag with 40kg and jeeez, the heart rate goes crazy after those things!! It was hard to do the pull ups after.. I did kipping pull ups.. In the end I got 3 rounds + 4 pistol squats. I have to say that I felt a bit like I was about to start seeing black spots during the workout, but I never did.. did slow down a lot after two rounds though… but in hindsight, this was a great workout! Feel great now :D. I do feel my upper legs (front, I don’t know how you call those) a lot from the pistol squats though!!

Warming up

I’m just going to write down the warming up, in case I want to give this workout in the future.

10 min for quality:

  • 20 one legged step up box (1o per leg)
  • 10m inch worm
  • 30 sec sandbag hold
  • 30 sec passive hang
  • 10 ring rows

Movement prep:

  • pull up options
  • pistol squat: leg behind you, leg crossed behind, heel on plate
  • sandbag: ladder to find correct weight

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