WOD August 30, 2018

4 round for time:

  • 200m db farmers walk
  • 20 db push ups
  • 10 db front squats

My workout:
I used two 15kg dumbbells, which I knew was going to be a bit too heavy. But we were in the fittuin and I did this workout with Hester, who used the 10kg dumbbells. The original workout was supposed to be 10db shoulder to overhead instead of squats, but felt impossible with the 15kg’s, so we changed it to squats. Which was also reaallllly heavy. It took me 29 min and 51 seconds to finish. And I did 5 of the 10 squats in the 3rd round with only 1 dumbbell, because I just couldn’t anymore. My grip was completely gone in the last round. Had to put down the dumbbells on the farmers walk so many times.

I copied this workout before, about 1 year ago. Then I used 12,5kg dumbbells and did do the shoulder to overhead instead of the squats. The timecap was 28 minutes and I finished the 13th pushup in the 4th round. Hard to say if I’ve improved or not ;).

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