WOD, December 3, 2015



Find 5 rep max of

  • Pull up
  • Bench press


3 x 5 reps at 90% of A of

  • Pull up
  • Bench press


3 x 10 reps of

  • Dips (matador)
  • Yates rows

My workout:
I first did 5 pull ups with a blue band, then 5 with a red band. Tried 5 without a band, but only got to 3. Bench press I started with 25kg, jumped to 45kg but failed after 2 reps, back to 35kg was good for 5 reps. B was pull ups with a blue band (in hindsight should have done them with the red band) and bench press with 30kg. For C I did 5 dips each round so that I could do them without a band. The yates rows I did with 25kg. Last set of dips I failed on the last rep.. Had to come off before doing the last rep.

Extra work

  • 100 weighted situps

My work:
Did them with a 12kg kettlebell.

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