WOD February 18, 2015


  • Kipping pull up practice


20 min E2MOM:

  • 1 min: 5 chin ups and 5 jumping ring dips
  • 1 min: 4 hand stand pushups and 4 pistol squats

My workout:
Learned something on the kipping pull up again (mostly kipping harder to drive up with the hips more). The EMOM I did with 3 strict chin ups, although I had to sometimes use a little jump and 5 jumping ring dips. I did the hand stand pushups strict, first with 1 abmat, later with 2. And I tried to do 2 pistol squats with a 8kg kettlebell (and a plate under my heels). I managed most of them with my right leg, but failed every time except once on my left leg. After a couple of rounds I changed to 9 air squats, which was the scaling option.


  • 400m run, if you don’t finish first, you do another 400m, until there’s nobody left.

My workout:
We started with 4 girls and me sucking ass at running I already knew I was going to be last.. I hoped to maybe beat 1 of the girls, but they all sprinted off so fast right at the beginning that I knew I was lost. So 4 laps of 400m it was for me :(.

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