WOD February 20, 2015


30 Minute – EMOM (3 movements):

You choose the movements, e.g:

Min 1: 3 Power Snatches

Min 2: 30 Double Unders

Min 3: Max Handstand Push Ups

My workout:
I chose to do
Min 1: 4 overhead squats 55 lbs
Min 2: 3 strict ring dips
Min 3: 30 double unders

It went really good! I was able to do the strict ring dips unbroken all rounds. I also felt so much better in the overhead squats than ever before. I was able to do them quicker and feel more stable. And the double unders went amaaaaazing. I borrowed Mark’s rope and it was like the magic rope, because I was able to do almost all rounds unbroken. And on the last minute I decided to just do as many as I could and I broke my overall record by doing 57 unbroken!!! I finally hit (over) 50!! So awesome. After that I tried another time and even hit 61!! :D Mark was so happy for me that he even gave me his rope as a gift. How cool is that :D.

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