WOD February 24, 2015

WOD 1:

20 Minute AMRAP:

– 10 Pull Ups

– 40 Double Unders

– 10 ChinĀ Ups

– 20 KB Swings

My workout:
I did kipping pull ups and jumping chin ups. KB swings with 16kg. I finished three rounds + 7 pull ups. Double unders got kind of hard after the first round.. My arms were a bit blown from the other work and struggled moving with enough speed. Kipping pull ups are still hard for me. Had to break them up every 3 reps.

WOD 2:

4 x 400m Sprints (1 Minute Rest Between Rounds)

My workout:
I really don’t understand how everyone seems to be able to do this except me. No matter how fit or unfit people seem to be, they run. And I just can’t. I can sprint maybe the first 100m but after that I am completely gassed and can’t even jog anymore :(. I got completely left behind and in the end only did three attempts. Tried to jog the rest of the 400m after the first 50 to 100m sprint.. But damn this sucked. I hate that I’m so bad at this. It hurt my shins as well! When I sprint I land really hard on my feet and it hurts!! :( Felt really crappy after this.

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