WOD January 16, 2015



EMOM 21″

– 3 Overhead Squats

– 3 Muscle Ups/ 5 Chin Ups

– 7 Handstand Push Ups


7 Minute EMOM (On The Same Minute)

– 5 Toes To Bar

– 5 Burpees

– 5 Goblet Squats

My workout:
I started with my handstand challenge. Which was extremely hard!

Handstand challenge day 12 was ok. Had to do an overstack to shrug for 15 times ( did 2 sets of 10).

I didn’t try very hard though and look at the video I should probably have gone for more range of motion. But I was too eager to start on day 13 to linger on this one too long.

Handstand challenge day 13 were hip taps! After doing the shoulder taps I was excited to try this one. When I first started I thought “this is not so bad”, but it very quickly got bad enough that I couldn’t finish the required (40!) reps. On my first set (vid) I almost failed the 9th rep and stopped after that. All the sets after this I failed to get past 4 or 5 reps. In total I did 20 reps and then my arms were toast.

(The video’s have some cameo appearances form CFM’s finest showing us how to do Toes to Bar ;).)

After this it was time to do the WOD. The warm up consisted of four 30 second handstand holds, which were really hard after all that work haha. The workout itself was so much arm as well that I really struggled.

I did the overhead squats with only 20kg. I just didn’t trust my arms at that point. I only managed to do 3 strict chin ups every round and the handstand push ups I did with one 25 lbs plate and an abmat, but did do them strict.

This one was quite nice. I managed to finish all rounds within the allotted minute. I did the goblet squats with a 16kg kettlebell and substituted the toes to bar for knee raises. I can finally do toes to bar now, but it would take me too long and would not be able to do all reps within a minute for this EMOM.

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