WOD January 12, 2015


A) 10RM Back Squat

B) 10 Minute Ascending Ladder (reps of 1)

– Thrusters #95/65

– Lateral Burpees

– Toes To Bar

My workout:
A) Didn’t feel like going too heavy so just went with whatever the girls I shared a squat rack with put on. Which was

Set 1: 35 lbs
Set 2: 55 lbs
Set 3: 75 lbs
Set 4: 85 lbs
Set 5: 95 lbs

B) The very first time that I did toes to bar in a workout!!!!! I always do knees to elbows as I was never able to really do a toes to bar. I may have touched the bar in a single attempt once or twice, but always with so much effort that I wouldn’t dream of doing it in a workout. But I felt for just going for it. And it went quite ok! I do have to reset between each rep as I don’t have the kip down. But was happy with how it went! I finished the 5th burpee in the round of 6’s.

Handstand Challenge

Also worked on the handstand challenge. Which was a hollow body position hold for 60 seconds. In a handstand. I struggled finding the right position. This was my last attempt and the first one in which I felt that I engaged my core at least a little bit. But felt a bit too easy to be right. When I posted the vid in the challenge someone pointed out that I’m piking too much and gave me some tips. So I will definitely be trying this one again.

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