WOD January 17, 2015


5 rounds in teams of 3 of

  • 8 burpee dumbbell box overs
  • 16 kb swings
  • 1 min row


1200m while one holds a medball and one does farmers walk.

My workout:
I teamed up with An and Estelle. The way it worked was that for the first part each did one of the exercises at the same time. So the goal was to do everything within 1 minute so that the rower set the pace. We did the burpee box overs with two 25 lbs dumbbells and a 20 inch box and the kb swings with 16kg. We tried to keep the row pace under 2m15 per 500 meter. I really liked this workout. The box overs were the hardest to manage within one minute, but that is the cool thing about team WOD’s.. you speed up when you normally would slow down.

I didn’t care much for the walk/run at the end. We used two 12kg kettlebells for the farmers walk. One was always walking with nothing while the others worked, to be able to switch when needed. We walked the first two rounds and used it as a bit of a recovery (except for the farmers walk, because they suck no matter if you run or walk). But got pressured into running the last lap.

The vibe was great in the box, as it usually is on Saturday morning!



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