WOD January 20, 2015


In Pairs:

– 1k Row

– 60 Wall Balls

– 1k Row

– 60 KB Swings

– 1k Row

– Lateral Burpees (Over the Rower)

– 1k Row

– 6 Minutes – Max DB Thrusters

My workout:
I paired up with Lorena and it was a little bit annoying, because she was being very slow. Not during the work, but during the transitions. I would row 500m and instead of hopping right on after to do her 500m she had to tie her lace first, or wash her hands, or whatever. So… could have been a lot faster with a little bit more effort. But it was still a nice workout. We took a little over 30 minutes to finish the last row. Then started  at the 31st minute on the 6 minutes of thrusters, but there was a 35 min timecap so we only did 4 minutes.

We divided all the work equally. For the row I tried to keep my pace under 2:15/500m all the time, which I managed. The wall balls I did with 14 lbs, (we switched every 10 reps). The KB Swings I did with 16kg (we switched every 15 reps) and the lateral burpees did not suck as bad as I thought we would (we switched every 10 reps).

The DB thrusters I did with 2 25 lbs dumbbells. Jeezzz, that was hard! I managed 19 reps in 4 minutes.

It was all you go I go. So one worked while the other rested.

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