WOD January 25, 2015

I had a bit of a bad week, because I didn’t go to CrossFit on Friday (after my rest day on Thursday) and then I overslept on Saturday, also missing the WOD. On Sunday I went to open gym for some handstand practice and had planned to do some squats, but ended up doing an EMOM with some of the other girls, which was so perfect.


21 E3MOM

  • 5 front squats 75 lbs
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 medball sit ups 14 lbs

My workout:
We all did a different barbell movement. I did front squats, one┬ádid deadlifts and one did clean and jerks. Everyone did 10 burpees and they also did 10 medball situps. But I noticed I could do 15 in about 35 seconds so stuck with that. In the end the situps were actually the hardest for me.. I’m starting to love burpees! Well, not really.. but I have this good technique down now and I can do them quite fast. It feels like I’m getting a bit of conditioning back… After this workout I was quite gassed, but felt like it was a perfect one that was not too easy, but got just hard enough at the end to make it painful.

Before this WOD I did some hand stand practice, but will post those vids later as I’m running out of time now!

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