WOD March 11, 2015

Today was my first WOD back in Holland :). I wanted to go on Monday, but he was fully booked! Yesterday I couldn’t, so today was the first possibility.


  • 3 x 3 push press  (3 sets at same weight – use warm up to find max weight manageable throughout 3 sets)

My workout:
I’m so confused using kg weights. I have no clue what my normal weights are in kg.. and I get confused when adding weight to, because things seem little weight, but it goes twice as fast as in lbs. Anyway, I was paired up with a girl that has shoulder problems and couldn’t go heavy so I wasn’t too motivated to go too heavy either. Vincent (the coach) had some pointers for my dip and push as well so was more focusing on technique than max weight. I did the three sets with 30kg.


15 min AMRAP of

  • 3 burpees
  • 6 knees to elbow
  • 9 wall balls 6kg

My workout:
I tried to start slow because 15 minutes is reaaaaaallly long. I did start with everything unbroken.. but had to break up the last couple of rounds of kte and wall balls. I managed 7 full rounds + 4 reps. But I did do everything Rx and made sure to really touch my elbows with my knees every time.

It was fun to workout with my sister and Robert (they have both been going since a couple of months). I like this box a lot too. They do a lot of detailed warmup and stretch work which I think will benefit me a lot. It’s not as much fun ad CFM though, but that might change when I get to know more people and feel a bit more relaxed :).

Muscle Up Course

I have signed up today for a 6 week muscle up course. It’s an online course, but you get personal coaching. You have to send in videos and will get feedback and based on how you progress you will get adjusted training schedules. The goal is to have a strict muscle up on the rings after six weeks. The course starts next Monday. I will be able to hang my rings in the garden under a roof, which will allow me to train 4 times a week during my lunch break. Can’t wait!

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