WOD March 24, 2015


For time:


  • Ring dips
  • Toes to bar
  • Burpees

My workout:
There was a 12 minute timecap and I only got to the round of sixes. I don’t remember how many reps I got into it.. I think I got stuck on the toes to bar. I scaled the ring dips with a band. Did the toes to bar proper so that is where I lost most of my time. Although the ring dips got really hard as well, even with the band.

Before the WOD we did bench press, but I don’t remember my weights. It sounds stupid, but I’m still struggling with the kg weights and knowing where I’m at. For the bench press they use a very different technique here. They want you to completely arch your back so that your chest comes up. It feels very uncomfortable. They say it’s to make sure you have your whole body under tension and it will allow you to lift more, but it also decreases your range of motion.. which feels a bit like cheating to me. Little things like this are educational and it definitely challenges me, but it also makes it harder to focus on going heavy as I need to focus on technique all over again.

It’s good, but also uncomfortable. Since CrossFit is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable I can only embrace it :p.

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