WOD March 6, 2015 (Open 15.2)

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the box this week. It was my last week in Spain before heading to Holland for three months. My dad arrived on Tuesday and just knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to workout.

But, I did end up going on Friday morning at 7:30am. First time I ever went in the morning haha. And that before a 25 hour car drive :O.

Open 15.2

I went in to be able to do 15.2. Lucky for me it was only a veeeeery short workout. 15.2 was 14.2.. which is 2 rounds of 1o overhead squats at 65 lbs and 10 chest to bar pull ups. If you manage to do that within 3 minutes. You get another 3 minutes to perform 2 rounds of 12. You keep getting 3 more minutes for 2 more reps until you can’t manage within those 3 minues.

When this workout came up last year my open score ended right then and there as I couldn’t do overhead squats properly, let alone at this weight. This time I knew I was at least able to put a score down. I took 1 minute on my 10 overhead squats (they are still quite heavy for me!!) and then spent 2 minutes trying to get a chest to bar. Without luck hehe.

After doing this I could join in on the WOD of that day, which was


For time:

  • 150 double unders
  • 30 handstand pushups
  • 40 overhead lunches

My workout:
My double unders went awesome! I did the first 100 in 1 min 48 and then finished all of them within 2 min 56 :D. After that I messed up as I thought it was 50 handstand push ups.. I ended up doing 40 before finding out.. And then did 30 overhead lunches. My total time was 9 min 32.

After that I did:


In pairs (you go, I go) for time:

  • 2400km car drive

My workout:
Paired with my dad we took 24 hours and 45 minutes :). Started Friday 12:15pm and arrived Saturday 1pm.

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