WOD November 19, 2014 and Wendler Cycle C Week 3 Deadlift (again)

I redid the deadlift cycle I already did a couple of weeks ago. It’s what came up on the program now and since I haven’t really been keeping my schedule I thought it couldn’t hurt to do it again. But first we did a WOD.


12 min EMOM of

  • 2 power snatches and 2 overhead squats

My workout:
Rich used me as an example for demo-ing the moves. That was a first and kind of scary haha. I hope I did well. I had to show high pulls and hang power snatches and power snatches and overhead squats with the pvc pipe a couple of times. I had to do it so that they could look at me from the side. Very nerve wrecking, because I still struggle with my form lol. But I guess he thought I was ok enough to use as an example :). I did the workout with just a 20kg bar as I was already feeling a bit dizzy during the warmup. And I still struggled during the workout… I started feeling faint after the first few minutes.. Stupid blood pressure :(. I skipped 3 minutes of overhead squats (so just did the snatches those minutes), because I was afraid I would seriously pass out.. but other than that I managed to finish it. I hate feeling so weak :(. I felt really wobbly in the overhead squats too. Not comfortable at all!!

After that we did the deadlifts.


5 x 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
3 x 155 lbs (70.3 kg)
5 x 170 lbs (77.1 kg)

That felt much nicer. I did the exact same weights and reps as last time. The 5 x 170 lbs felt really heavy.. so I think it’s good I redid this one to get back on track. But no more faintness during the lifting :). Friday Rich has the shoulder press for 5-3-1 scheduled. I will repeat last ones one for that one as well. I still have to do the back squat for that Wendler week, but in the box they have already done those, so I think I will do them in the weekend :).

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