WOD November 23, 2015


– Find heavy double power snatch

My workout:
2 x 25kg
2 x 30kg
2 x 35kg

After 30kg I wanted to stay at that weight, since my technique is still so wobbly, but Vincent made me go up. First at 35kg was horrible, cause I got under the bar so slowly that I had to push the bar out like a press. Second one went much better.


9 minuten AMRAP


Power snatch 50/35

Ring dips

Double unders x 5

My workout:
I liked this workout.. I did the snatches with 25kg and the ring dips with a blue band. I managed to finish 9 snatches in the round of 12’s. Double unders went well. Snatches are slowly starting to get better. Still a loooong way to go though.

Extra work

  1. 3 x 12 banded push ups
  2. 100 band pull downs for time
  3. 3 x 8 overhead sit ups

My work:
I did 3 x 6 banded push ups. The band kept moving and it was hard! The band pull downs were ok.. it started burning after about 30 so started doing quick sets of 10 from then on. I didn’t look at the time, but don’t think I took much longer than 2 minutes. Both push ups and pull down were with a red band.

The overhead sit ups I did with 2 8kg kettlebells. Basically you lay down and raise the kb’s to the sky and lockout your arms and then you start doing sit ups. Interesting exercise.

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