WOD October 25, 2014

Every year I go away with a group of friends for a weekend of loads of chatting, board games, tea, beer and chocolate (not necessarily in that order). A couple of the friends I was with also do CrossFit and we decided to go for a workout at the nearby box on Saturday. It happens to be one of the biggest boxes in Holland. It was the very first one, not only in Holland, but also in Europe! Pretty cool :).


10 min EMOM

  • 2 overhead squats

My workout:
The coach said to find your 5rm and use that as a weigh for the emom. I tried with 25kg first, but after 3 reps I felt a bit wobbly. So chose to do the WOD with 22.5kg. Which, honestly, felt a little light. But my technique/confidence with the overhead squat is still so low.. It went really well now and I don’t want to force it too fast. So I’m quite happy with what I did, feeling that I could do more. Which will give me more confidence next time.


5 rounds for time:

  • 4 man makers
  • 5 burpee box over 20 inch
  • 12 backward kb lunges
  • 5 burpee box over 20 inch

My workout:
I did the man makers with 2 6kg dumbbells and the lunges with a 16kg kettlebell, but I scaled them to 10 reps. There was a 15 minute timecap and I finished 4 full rounds. It was a nice workout :). It’s nice to see different boxes as well. It makes me realize more and more how much I still have to learn.


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