WOD October 31, 2014

I am not training enough! Didn’t do anything the whole week except for Friday. I got a bit ill in the beginning of the week, which kept me from working out for a few days. But I’m also too busy and too lazy.

It was so nice to finally join a class again on Friday though. It’s amazing how happy a workout can make me. I walked in tired and grumpy and walked out with a smile on my face and full of energy :).


30 min AMRAP in pairs (you go I go):

  • 0 – 5 min: deadlifts 60/40kg
  • 5-10 min: hang power cleans 60/40kg
  • 10-15 min: front squats 60/40kg
  • 15-20 min: pull ups
  • 20-25 min: toes to bar
  • 25-30 min: burpees

My workout:
All the movements had to be rep for rep, so you had to switch turns after each rep. So I did one deadlift, the other girl did one, I did one, she did one, etc. Except for the pull ups and toes to bar, at which you could go for multiple reps at a time. We did the lifts with only 25kg :( I wanted more, but my WOD partner was nervous for the power cleans. Because of that the barbell work felt quite easy (although when we got to the front squats I did start feeling we were working out hehe. I did knees to elbow instead of TTB, since I still can’t do them (should really practice those).

Deadlifts: 90
Hang power cleans: 40
Front squats: 38
Pull ups: 90
TTB: 78
Burpees: 72 ??

Total reps: 418

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