WOD September 23, 2014 and first ever barbell class



50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

– Double Unders

– Sit Ups

(EMOM 5 Burpees)

My workout:
I came running in half an hour late into this WOD. They just finished the warmup and skill practice so I went straight into the WOD. Luckily with this kind of WOD you don’t need much of a warmup anyway. The WOD is one big warmup. It went quite well! I messed up on my double unders a couple of times, especially in the first set. But other than that I was able to keep going pretty well. The burpees felt so easy somehow! Almost like a break from the work (I did 3 burpees instead of 5 btw). My time was 12 min 48 seconds. The timecap was 15 minutes. I did 5 burpees on every minute for the remaining minutes in the timecap. Rich thought that was a good idea lol.


3 x 800m Run (2 Mins Rest between sets)

My workout:
I scaled this to 3x 400m run with 1 min rest in between. I knew the 3 x 800m would destroy me and I still had the barbell class after this. I hate, hate, hate running. Even the 400 meters are horrendous. My times were:

Round 1: 1 min 50 sec
Round 2: 1 min 48 sec
Round 3: 2 min 10 sec

After the last round I ran another round with one of the guys who struggled through one or two rounds and then decided to sit the rest out. I was able to convince him to run one more together :D.

After that it was time for my very first “barbell class”. Maria, a coach at the box is starting a class for olympic weightlifting, which focuses just on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and mostly on technique and form. The first lesson was today and it will go on for the next 6 weeks (don’t know if it will continue after that). It’s too bad I will have to miss most classes when I leave for Holland next month, but very happy that I can attend the first few.

Barbell Class

photo (11)

My workout:
We didn’t really work with those percentages as it was the first class for everyone, so we just worked on the technique with no or very little weight.

  1. The foot drills were about starting position and end position for the snatch. We used plates to make sure we ended on the same spot on every jump. And tried to land heavy (not so easy).
  2. We did 5×1 of the halting snatch DL where you pauze at 3 points. (2 x with 55 lbs and 3 x with 105 lbs.)
  3. Drop snatch + OHS. I hate everything overhead so stuck to just the bar.  4 x 1 with 35 lbs
  4. And then it was on to try the full snatch, with special focus on the footwork. We took turns for 3 sets of 4, which I did with just the bar (35 lbs)
  5. After this we ended with 50 back extensions. Which I think I did wrong, because I only went up with my chest and not with my legs (ups).

I really enjoyed this class! I can learn so much from it!!


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